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Probiotics Derivatives



Nutritional Food

Lactic acid bacteria (probiotics) are widely used in fermented foods, such as yogurt, cheese, lacticacid beverage, fermented fruit and vegetable juice, fermented soymilk, fermented pickle, fermentedmeat products, etc. For functional food, lactic acid bacteria (probiotics) are applied in jelly, candy,chocolate, ice cream, biscuit, baking and other products, which brings unique lactic acid flavors andnutrients

Food Supplement

Probiotics are widely used in Food/dietary supplement for differentiated functions including intestinalsupport, liver care, Women' s Health, Oral health, immune support, weight control and CardiovascularHealth.

Animal Husbandry

The overuse of antibiotics has plagued the animal husbandry industry for a long time and has greatnegative effects on food safety and environment. The application of probiotics in animal feed willeffectively improve this situation

Personal Care 

Some functional probiotics improve human oral and skin health. In addition, the derivatives of the probiotics generated in the fermentation process have ability of wrinkle elimination, pigment desalination,anti-aging and skin brightening. Personal care products such as probiotics toothpaste, skin care cream,facial mask and moisturizing cream have been recognized by consumers

Ecological and Environmental Protection

Industrialization and urbanization cause many environmental problems such as water pollution and soildegradation. The applications of microbial agents in planting, water cleaning and soil quality improvinghave become trendy regarding environmental protection

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