Probiotics Fermented Beverage

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Fermented beverages rich in probiotic metabolites, such as organic acids, amino acids and oligopeptides, are easily absorbed by the body and can effectively promote probiotics in the body.

It has the potential of maintaining the balance of the human intestinal flora, improving the body’s immunity, improving constipation and promoting the discharge of toxins from the body.

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Fermented Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables Juice Carrot Juice Industrial Enterprises (Dairy Products, Beverage, Juice, Jam, Ice Cream, Jelly, Baking, Candy, etc.)
Apple Juice
Sugarcane Juice
Mulberry Juice
Black Tea Juice
Purple Sweet Potato Juice

Fermented Raw Liquid

Mango Raw Liquid
Papaya Raw Liquid
Pumpkin Raw Liquid
Coconut Milk Raw Liquid
Purple Sweet Potato Raw Liquid
Tomato Raw Liquid

For Catering

Carrot Beverage Catering (Milk Bar, Water Bar, Bakery, Fast-Food Restaurant, Etc.),
Mango Beverage


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