Wecare Safe Production Month | Food Science + Behavioral Science = Food Safety

In 2020, the inescapable word “safety” means “food science + behavioral science = food safety” for food companies. A qualified production environment is a guarantee of food safety. As a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and application of probiotics and their derivatives, Jiangsu Wecare Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has an industry-leading R&D base and production lines for probiotics and their key technologies. Highly standardized basic technology research and development laboratory, applied technology research and development laboratory, microbiology testing laboratory, physical and chemical testing laboratory, automated expansion training workshop, high-efficiency centrifugal emulsification workshop, vacuum freeze-drying workshop, crushing and packaging post-processing workshop, high-efficiency microecology Preparation workshop, etc. Among them, the 100,000-level and 10,000-level GMP purification workshops reached 20,000 square meters.

Food safety has always been our main concern. This month, our company launched the 2020 “Safe Production Month” and 5S rectification activities.

From the factory to the workshop, strict management, clean environment, and automated equipment, let us walk into the production area of Wecare probiotic to find out.

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Post time: Jul-08-2020
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