Microhealth probiotics were selected into Suzhou Licorne Breeding Enterprise in 2018

In recent years, Unicorn enterprises have become subversives of traditional industries by means of subversive innovation and explosive growth.The pioneer of new technology and the leader of new economy.
The number of Unicorn enterprises has become an important symbol of regional innovation vitality. Just recently, Suzhou announced the list of Unicorn cultivation enterprises in 2018, among which JIANGSU WECARE BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.

JIANGSU WECARE BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.  is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and application of probiotics and their derivatives. The company aims to provide complete solutions for the application of special beneficial microbial strains (microbial powder), derivatives and ODM/OEM in the fields of food, health food, precision medicine, daily chemicals, agricultural microecology and ecological environment protection. Case.

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Post time: Nov-13-2018
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